Ewingsdale Community Association

President’s Report

2012 – 2013

The Ewingsdale Community Association has had another quiet but pleasant year, with two important events and various issues to concern us.

We had a Christmas Party on Sunday, 16 December, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at the Hall.  It was a smaller event than in past years, suggested and planned on short notice by Lorissa Barrett, and attended by about 30 adults and almost as many children.  We had a “bring your own” supper and a very successful visit by Santa on a firetruck.

Thanks to the Byron Bay Rural Fire Brigade for the Santa visit and to Lorissa for her enthusiastic work.  We plan to have a more elaborate Christmas Party at the end of this year, as we have had in past years.  The Association voted $200 to the Fire Brigade in thanks for its contribution.

As for each year in the past six years, there will be Ewingsdale’s Biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday, 23 May, organized by Fay Flick.  For the third time it will be held at the Fig Tree Restaurant, and we thank the owners of the Fig Tree for their support.  Money raised will be donated to the Cancer Council, as it is each year.  Last year the sum raised was $805, and we congratulate Fay for her dedication and effort.

Another example of great dedication and effort is by our Treasurer, Andrew Baldwin, in his management of our Ewingsdale Hall.  The Hall is a popular venue for many activities.  There are weekly activities such as tango, yoga, exercises, and the like, and there are functions such as weddings, art exhibits, and seminars.  Recent events include a vinyl record sale over the Easter long weekend, and an exhibition of aboriginal art 20-21 April.

Perhaps the most frequent major use of the Hall is for weddings.  It is an ideal venue, with plenty of room inside and plenty of parking in front, and the added value of being distant from any houses, so there is no noise problem.  Great thanks are due to Andy for his hard work in booking and looking after the many events in the Hall, which have produced a good deal of revenue for the Association.

We were unfortunate in not receiving a grant this year from the State Government’s Community Hall Renewal Fund for repairs and maintenance to the Hall.  However, there is a possibility of Section 94 money from the Council for renewing the kitchen, and we are currently working on this.

We are happy to say that the bicycle path to town has been completed!

Other issues before the Association include:

  1. The Pacific Highway construction, which has started but looks to go on for at least another year.
  1. The new hospital, which has made a small beginning in the relocation of ambulances to the site.
  2. The large new development of housing sites next to Parkway Drive and Plantation Drive.
  1. The proposed restaurant at the corner of Ewingsdale Road and McGettigans Lane.

I would personally like to thank Vice President Bernard Grinberg, Secretary/Treasurer Andrew Baldwin, our website maintainer Elizabeth Andel, and our the other members who have worked hard to make this a successful year.

Charles MacFarland, President

4 May 2013

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