Ewingsdale Community Association

President’s Report

2011 – 2012

The association has experienced a somewhat disappointing year that has seen community involvement continue to decline, as is the general trend with many clubs  and bodies at the current time. Membership numbers continue to languish, with only 11 contributors totalling $120, as compared to four years ago when $550 was subscribed. The departure of Deidre Page led to the disbanding of the social committee. Without her energy, no community events were held at all during the year, and clearly fresh input is needed if this is to be reversed.

The Church successfully held the Winter Warmers dinner in July, attended by approx. fifty people, and in September a harvest festival day followed by an auction, which was also a success. The Church however, is also struggling for numbers resulting in their services being reduced to once a month.

On a brighter note, the bike path has been completed to McGettigans Lane, thus ending a ten year saga. Many thanks to Simon Davis and Bernard Grinberg for their perseverance and efforts to see this through.

The hall is functioning (pun intended) very well, and is proving very popular for weddings and parties, resulting in a sound financial position, even without fundraisers or any outside assistance.

The burial of the high-tension powerlines is proceeding and will greatly enhance the amenity of the area. Thanks to Essential Energy.

Less success has been afforded for our other two main bugbears, namely the hospital zoning and the highway upgrade. Despite many meetings and representations, the Area Health Service and council have ignored our requests for a guaranteed buffer zone, and no access  from Parkway Drive. The rebadged but eternally recalcitrant Roads & Maritime services has similarly discounted our representations and reports re noise and upgrade design despite enormous effort  from Bernard Grinberg, Chris Shevellar, Bob Johnston and others, who have attempted in every way to gain community input, alas to no avail. The result is the worst possible outcome for Bangalow residents with the highway on their doorstep, an interchange in the town, and no access to the highway north except by the most dangerous section of St Helena hill which has been retained for 42% of the traffic. Further, the interchange complication as misconceived by the consultants is to be built as planned, with Byron council seemingly unconcerned.

With only “the usual suspects” holding the fort at the meetings, it is plainly apparent that an injection of ‘fresh blood’ into the association is imperative, and that new residents are somehow attracted and included.

George Flick,  President              Andrew Baldwin  Secretary/Treasurer

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