Ewingsdale Community Association

President’s Report

2009 – 2010

The Ewingsdale Community Association has had another enjoyable and productive year, with two events that were special highlights.

The first of these was the Chrismas Party, which took place on Sunday, 6 December, at the Hall.  It was attended by about 90 people, including about 30 children, a very good turnout.  There was a free sausage sizzle of delicious “Hayters Hill” sausages, and people brought their own salads, drinks, etc.  The kids were thrilled with a visit by Santa in a firetruck at 5:30, and a Giant Christmas Hamper was drawn at 6:30.

Thanks to Gary Miller of the Rural Fire Brigade and to Alan Bainsbridge for playing Santa.  We were able to present Gary with a cheque for $816.50 for the brigade.  Many thanks to the Social Committee for organizing the event:  Ian Pick, Gail Pick, Deidre Page, Helen McHugh, and Alan Bainsbridge.

The other big social event was the Car Boot Sale, which took place on Saturday, 20 March, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  It was also a big success, with 35 stalls inside the Hall and on the lawn.  Many people came and enjoyed fossicking among the bargains.  There was a sausage sizzle run by Stephen, a bake stall run by Fay Flick, and a plant stall run by Ian Pick.  Thanks again to the Social Committee (as above) for their very capable organizing of the event.

The Ewingsdale Community now has its own beautiful website at


This has been organized by Ian Pick and has sections dealing with Our Community, History, Message Board, The Hall, Personal Ads, and Current Issues.  Many thanks to Ian for his work on this project.

We also have a new and more permanent sign at the McGettigans Lane entrance to our community, listing the website and with hooks to hang notices of events such as ECA meetings.

An ongoing project has been to apply for money to restore and maintain the Hall from the Country Hall Renewal Fund, which is administered by the NSW Office of Rural Affairs.  Thanks to Alan Lind and Alan Bainsbridge, among others, for getting the quotes.  Andrew Baldwin and I filled out the form in January to apply for a total amount of $12,684.25, of which two thirds will be supplied by the Renewal Fund, if we are successful.

Repair items include:

  1. paint main hall and storeroom 900.00
  2. refinish floor 3692.00
  3. outside repairs 4468.00
  4. plumbing 1724.25
  5. fix back wall 200.00
  6. repair stumps 200.00
  7. buy large refrigerator 1500.00

The Hall continues to be a great asset to the community and to the whole area.  Many classes, weddings, and other events are held in the Hall.

Great thanks are owing to Di Johnston for her years of service managing the many events in the Hall.  We had a farewell party for her on Sunday, 12 July.

Her work has been ably continued this year by Andrew Baldwin.  He is currently reorganizing the protocols and prices to make sure the Hall continues to be a financial success.

An ongoing concern of the Association has been the worry that the new hospital, when finally constructed, might have an access road from Parkway Drive.  We have requested Council to secure the whole back of the hospital block to be a green belt.  I made a speech to Council in November to remind them of our concern.

We are also concerned about many aspects of the huge RTA project to change the highway south of the Ewingsdale interchange, especially their failure to implement a Bangalow bypass.  Bernard Grinberg and others have worked hard to point out the obvious deficiencies of the RTA plans, but their suggestions and comments have been largely ignored.

On a lighter note, we have an ongoing saga with the street signs for Parkway Drive.  There is a very popular heavy metal group who named themselves Parkway Drive because, when they started out, they practised in a home on that street.  Now they are becoming famous and their fans like nothing better than to souvenir the street signs.  We have had four signs taken this year.  The latest was put up very ineptly by Council at a low height and lasted only four weeks, til (appropriately enough) May Day.

One further community event was the annual “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” organized by Fay Flick on May 12 at the Fig Tree Restaurant.  Monies from the event will go to the Cancer Council.

As far as other issues are concerned, this has been a very calm year.   The highway developments will affect us, of course, but we have had little if any response from the RTA to our suggestions, so most of us have given up on that issue and are trying to possess our souls in patience and in peace.  Aside from the RTA issues, this has been a pleasant and placid year.

I would like personally to thank Vice President Bernard Grinberg, Secretary/Treasurer Andrew Baldwin, our computer expert Ian Pick, and all the other members who have done so much to make this year a pleasant time.

Charles MacFarland

May 8, 2010

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