Ewingsdale, the gateway to Byron Bay, is a residential area with over 250 dwellings and adjoining farmland. The lot sizes are about 1 acre average size with many larger properties. The residential area is well vegetated with many mature trees and bushes which are home to large numbers of birds and local mammals.

The area was mainly settled by dairy farmers who came from southern NSW after the big scrub was cleared. The families were originally from Northern and Southern Ireland and hence you have many common names of people who are not directly related. For example, there are many Johnston, Johnson and a few Johnstones that are not related. Life in Ewingsdale centred around the School, Hall and Church and of course some of the cattle dips!

William Flick came to Ewingsdale in late 1888. Settled on land owned by Sir Thomas Ewing.

Mary and George Powell lived at ‘Arkarowie’. Mary and her daughters worked hard to raise funds to build the church. Their grandson Bruce Stephens was one of the first babies baptised after the opening in 1914.

In the 1930s, a row of Moreton Bay Fig trees was planted along the road in front of the Hall and Church. For many years, this road was the Pacific Highway, but now it is the peaceful and lovely William Flick Lane.

This quiet road has no outlet and thus is perfect for Hall events such as weddings. There is plenty of space for parking and no traffic.”

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