History of the Ewingsdale Community Association

In 1984 the Ewingsdale Protection Association was formed.

18 March 1986 — first official meeting at Ewingsdale Hall. 26 residents attended, and the name was changed to the Ewingsdale Progress Association.

28 July 1987 — Ewingsdale Progress Association and Ewingsdale Hall Committee were merged to form the Ewingsdale Progress and Public Hall Association Inc. — our official title.

29 August 1989 — Grant of $5000 to be spent on kitchen and remodelling the roof.

02 February 2009 — Ewingsdale Progress Association to be known as Ewingsdale Community

In the 1930’s, the students of the Ewingsdale School planted the magnificent row of Moreton Bay fig trees along what is now William Flick Lane in front of the Hall. This plaque inside the Hall commemorates their splendid efforts.

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